Slicing Up Music: Computational Approaches​

Presenter: Konrad Swierczek (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Karen Chan, Matthew Woolhouse

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The Link Between Historic Context and Musical Training in Perceived Emotion

Presenter: Cameron Anderson (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Cameron Anderson; Michael Schutz

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Exploring Emotion Perception in Modally Ambiguous Music Through Cluster Analysis

Presenter: Max Delle Grazie (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Michael Schutz

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The syncopation-groove relationship is not experience-dependent: Evidence from children and dancers

Presenter: Nicole Caldarone and Maya Psaris (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Nicole Caldarone, Maya Psaris, Daniel Cameron, Chantal Carrillo, Laurel Trainor

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The inhibition-devaluation effect of musical preference

Presenter: Sean A. Gilmore (X University)

Co-authors: Mark Fenske, Frank Russo

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Sensitivity to Chinese Melodies: Schematic Knowledge and Melodic Conformity

Presenter: Evin Huang (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Joanna Spyra, Matthew Woolhouse

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A musical snapshot: What does popular music sound like?

Presenter: Maya Flannery (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Swati Anant, Matthew Woolhouse

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The Effects of Music & Auditory Beat Stimulation on Anxiety

Presenter: Adiel Mallik (Ryerson University)

Co-authors: Frank Russo

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Lower-limb EMG Activity during Drum-kit Playing in A Professional Drummer with Dystonia

Presenter: Kazuaki Honda (Keio University (Japan))

Co-authors: Shizuka Sata, Mizuki Komine, Satoshi Yamaguchi, SungHeyk Kim, Shinya Fujii

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Musical culture, instrument type, and pitch-class properties: Towards a new model of scale structure

Presenter: Elizabeth Phillips (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Elizabeth Phillips, Steven Brown

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Neural Representations of Rhythm and Beat Perception

Presenter: Joshua Hoddinott (University of Western Ontario)

Co-authors: Jessica Grahn

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Interpersonal Physiological Coordination in Persons with Dementia During a Dance-Based Movement Program

Presenter: Erica Flaten (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Dannie Fu, Stefanie Blain-Moraes

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Mental Health in Young and Old People and Music Listening in Time of Pandemic

Presenter: Marie-Andrée Richard (Université de Montréal)

Co-authors: Alexandra Lemoyne, Isabelle Peretz, Michel Duchesneau, Nathalie Gosselin

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Complex Rhythmic Auditory-Motor Skills in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)

Presenter: Chantal Carrillo (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Andrew Chang, John Cairney, Devin McAuley, and Laurel J. Trainor

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Neuromodulatory effects of movement during auditory-motor tasks

Presenter: Marc Vidal (Ghent University (Belgium), University of Granada (Spain))

Co-authors: Marc Leman, Ana M. Aguilera and Tom Fritz

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Infants’ Musical Environment at Home: Individual Variability in Pitch and Tempo of Song Renditions

Presenter: Hanqi Chen (University of Toronto Scarborough)

Co-authors: Haley E., Kragness, Jennifer K., Mendoza, Caitlin M., Fausey, & Laura K., Cirelli

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Effects of Group Singing on Vocal Production in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease

Presenter: Elizabeth Earle (Ryerson University)

Co-authors: Arla Good, Esztella Vezer, Sean Gilmore, Frank Russo

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Discrimination of Overlapping Rhythmic Patterns

Presenter: Melanie Holmes (University of Texas (USA))

Co-authors: W. Jay Dowling

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Brain connectivity during naturalistic and uninterrupted ensemble music performance: an exploratory fNIRS study

Presenter: Thenille Braun Janzen (Universidade Federal do ABC (Brazil))

Co-authors: Joana B. Balardin; João R. Sato; Patrícia Vanzella

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Does scary music mimic biological voice signals of threat?

Presenter: Caitlyn Trevor (University of Zürich (Switzerland))

Co-authors: Natalia B. Fernandez and Sascha Frühholz

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Hierarchical processing of temporal information during naturalistic music production and perception

Presenter: Riesa Cassano (University of Rochester)

Co-authors: Jamal Williams, Marius Cătălin Iordan, Uri Hasson, Elise Piazza

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The sound of silence: Predictive error responses to unexpected sound omission in adults

Presenter: David, Prete (McMaster University)

Co-authors: David, Heikoo;, Josh, McGillivray; Jim, Reilly; Laurel, Trainor

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The Goldsmiths Dance Sophistication Index (Gold-DSI): A Psychometric Tool to Assess Individual Differences in Dance Experience.

Presenter: Dawn Rose (Lucerne University (Switzerland))

Co-authors: Daniel Müllensiefen, Peter Lovatt, and Guido Orgs.

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Music-Listening Level Preference in Musicians and Non-Musicians, and Relation to Vestibular Function

Presenter: Ozgenur Cetinbag (The University of Manchester)

Co-authors: Karolina Kluk, Christopher J. Plack, Samuel Couth

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An Itsy Bitsy Audience: Infants’ responses to a live or recorded opera for babies

Presenter: Haley Kragness (University of Toronto Scarborough)

Co-authors: Matthew Eitel, Faith Anantharajan, Aimee Gaudette, Bryna Berezowska, Laura Cirelli

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Music Listening Space

Presenter: Mizener Brendon (University of Texas (USA))

Co-authors: Mathilde Vandenberghe-Descamps, Herve Abdi, Sylvie Chollet

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Influence of a rhythmic context on the foreperiod effect: Behavioral and eye-tracking evidence for rhythmic facilitation but not for entrainment

Presenter: Rafael Román-Caballero (University of Granada (Spain))

Co-authors: Elisa Martín-Arévalo, Laurel J. Trainor, and Juan Lupiáñez

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Improving Detectability of Alarm Systems Using the Acoustic Properties of the Triangle Instrument

Presenter: Andres Elizondo Lopez (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Dr. Michael Schutz

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Generalizability of Sight vs. sound Effect: Evidence from Brass Ensemble Competition in Japan

Presenter: Tomohiro Samma (Keio University (Japan))

Co-authors: Patrick E. Savage, Shinya Fujii

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Feasibility and test-retest reliability of an online test of rhythm abilities in neurotypical adults and people with stroke

Presenter: Sarah Gregor (University of Toronto)

Co-authors: Avril Mansfield, George Mochizuki, Joyce Chen, Kara Patterson

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