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Lower-limb EMG Activity during Drum-kit Playing in A Professional Drummer with Dystonia

Lower-limb EMG Activity during Drum-kit Playing in A Professional Drummer with Dystonia

Session 2

Presenter Name:Kazuaki Honda

School/Affiliation:Keio University (Japan)

Co-Authors:Shizuka Sata, Mizuki Komine, Satoshi Yamaguchi, SungHeyk Kim, Shinya Fujii


Professional musicians form a model of neuroplasticity associated with the skilled motor-control abilities acquired through the prolonged practice (Münte, et al., 2002). Task-specific dystonia (TSD) is a movement disorder that interfere with the skilled motor control of musicians. Previous studies on TSD have investigated dysfunction of upper-limb muscle coordination in pianists (Furuya, et al., 2015). A previous case report has also shown the characteristics of electromyographic (EMG) activity of a lower-limb muscle in a drummer with lower-limb TSD during the fastest foot-pedaling movements (Lee & Altenmüller, 2014). However, little is known about the TSD-related EMG activities of lower-limb muscles during playing the drum-kit. In this study, we measured the EMG activities of a lower-limb during a drum-kit playing in a male professional drummer with lower-limb TSD. He played a rhythm pattern with the drum-kit with EMG sensors (Trigno IM sensor, Delsys) to measure the muscle activities of rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, biceps femoris, tibialis anterior, extensor digitorum longus, soleus, gastrocnemius, peroneus longus, and extensor digitorum brevis. We found that the EMG activities of tibialis anterior and extensor digitorum longus (i.e., agonist muscles of ankle joint dorsiflexion) increased about 250 msec before playing the bass drum. The results suggest that the symptom is characterized by the EMG activities of ankle dorsiflexor muscles. In future, we plan to apply the muscle synergy analysis (Furuya, et al., 2015) to clarify the pattern of lower-limb muscle synergy during the drum-kit playing in the drummer with TSD.

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