Being in Concert: The effects of audience participation on engagement, kama muta, and connectedness

Presenter: Nicole, Fu (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Dan Bosnyak, Susan Marsh Rollo, Jonna Vuoskoski, Laurel Trainor, Dana Swarbrick

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Neural and perceptual correlates of modal incongruence between local and global syntax

Presenter: Hannah Choi (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford University)

Co-authors: Takako Fujioka

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The beat goes on: Children’s sensorimotor synchronization to music in a home paradigm

Presenter: Catherine, Tan (University of Toronto Scarborough)

Co-authors: Areeba Qureshi, Haley E. Kragness & Laura K. Cirelli

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Can rhythmic stimulation benefit verbal memory?

Presenter: Bre-Anna Owusu (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Elisabet Service

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Altered Basal Ganglia Topology Associated with Auditory-Motor Synchronization

Presenter: 1,2 Stéphanie K., Lavigne (1 Music and Health Science Research Collaboratory, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario 2 Laboratory for Complex Brain Networks, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

Co-authors: 2 Jonathan H., Burdette 2 Mohsen, Bahrami 2 Paul J., Laurienti 2 Robert G., Lyday 1 Michael H., Thaut

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Analyzing Algorithmic Predictions of Emotion

Presenter: "Jackie" Zhi Qi Zhou (McMaster University (MAPLE lab))

Co-authors: Cameron J. Anderson, & Michael Schutz

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The effects of singing styles and language familiarity in delaying distress in 6 -8 month old infants

Presenter: Zehra Karademir (Goldsmiths University of London)

Co-authors: Caspar Addyman, Lauren Stewart, and Jan de Fockert

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Selection of musical stimuli for testing the relation between auditory-motor synchronization and reward

Presenter: Marie-Andrée Richard (University of Montreal, Department of psychology)

Co-authors: Marie-Jo Azzi, Nicholas Foster, Nathalie Gosselin, Simone Dalla Bella

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Modeling the subjective beat in period, phase and uncertainty

Presenter: Miguel, Martin (Auditory Development Lab and TRIMBALab, Department of Psychology Neuroscience and Behaviour, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada)

Co-authors: Cannon, Jonathan & Trainor, Laurel

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Mechanisms of Social Benefits from Engagement with Online Live-Streaming: A Pilot Study

Presenter: Ilana Harris (Center for Cognitive Neuroscience Freie Universität Berlin)

Co-authors: Max Montgomery

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A Systematic Review of Music Intervention Studies for Remediating Reading Disorders in Children

Presenter: Maria Ioanna Zavogianni (Brain Imaging Centre, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Budapest, Hungary; Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences, Multilingualism Doctoral School, University of Pannonia, Veszprém, Hungary)

Co-authors: Georgia Gerike, Lisa Hintermeier, & Daria Khanolainen

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A music intervention for children with reading disorders and its assessment method

Presenter: Maria Ioanna Zavogianni (Brain Imaging Centre, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Budapest, Hungary; Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences, Multilingualism Doctoral School, University of Pannonia, Veszprém, Hungary)

Co-authors: Maja Kelić & Ferenc Honbolygó

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Development and Application of an Eye Tracker Protocol for the Analysis of Prosodic Perception in Infants

Presenter: Yasmin, Cardoso (Universidade Federal do ABC)

Co-authors: Rodrigo A. C. Magalotti, Victor Hugo da Silva Luisiana Passarini, Pedro A. S. O. Neto, Andrea F. de Azevedo Almeida, Leticia Caroline Pinheiro de Souza, Mariana Sola, Maria Teresa Carthery-Goulart, Katerina Lukasova, Patrícia Vanzella

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Infants’ recognition of a well-known song through melody and lyrics

Presenter: Angela, Dou (University of Toronto Scarborough)

Co-authors: Laura K. Cirelli

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How Performance Interpretation and Historic Context Affect Perceived Emotion

Presenter: Cameron Anderson (Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, McMaster University)

Co-authors: Jamie Ling, Michael Schutz

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On-beat rhythm and speech-in-noise perception in older adults with hearing aids

Presenter: Chi Yhun, Lo (Toronto Metropolitan University)

Co-authors: Ella, Dubinsky; Kay, Wright-Whyte; Gurjit, Singh; Frank, Russo

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The highs and lows of music: Subjective and neurophysiological responses during a live concert experience

Presenter: Rory Kirk (University of Sheffield)

Co-authors: Emily Wood, Cameron Anderson, Konrad Swierczek, Hany Tawfik, Dan Bosnyak, & Laurel J. Trainor

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A history of emotional communication in music: Prosody at work

Presenter: Max, Delle Grazie (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Michael Schutz

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Auditory Processing and Reading Disability: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Presenter: Sean McWeeny (Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behavior, McMaster University; Communication Sciences and Disorders, Northwestern University)

Co-authors: Elizabeth S. Norton

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Effect of Timbre on Detection and Speech Comprehension in Auditory Alarms

Presenter: Andres, Elizondo Lopez (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Dr. Michael Schutz , Dr. Joseph Schlesinger

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The use of rhythmic auditory stimulation on gait parameters in Parkinson’s disease: A systematic review

Presenter: Aashna, Agarwal (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Amrit Marwaha, Aleena Sajid

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Discreteness and the musilanguage continuum

Presenter: Elizabeth, Phillips (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Sam Kim, Steven Brown

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Investigating the genetic relationship between motor traits and music training.

Presenter: Henechowicz, Tara Lynn (University of Toronto, Vanderbilt University)

Co-authors: Henechowicz T.L.,Gordon, R.L., Tan, D., Thaut, M.H.

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Interpersonal coordination in early interactions: Comparisons of infant-directed singing and speech

Presenter: Erica Flaten (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Erica Flaten, Natasha Wandel, Susan Marsh-Rollo, Dobromir Dotov, Laurel Trainor

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Examining movement-rhythm synchronization and effects of syncopation in children’s dancing

Presenter: Maya Psaris (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Dr. Daniel Cameron, Dr. Laurel Trainor

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Coordination dynamics in a professional string quartet during phrase endings

Presenter: Alyssa Murdoch (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Emily A. Wood, Andrew Chang, Dan Bosynak, Lucas Klein, Elger Baraku, Dobromir Dotov & Laurel Trainor

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Can Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder Step-Clap to the Beat? An Online Motion Tracking Study

Presenter: Chantal Carrillo (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Dobri Dotov and Laurel J. Trainor

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Online Group Music Therapy: A proactive mental health option

Presenter: Finnerty, Rachael (McMaster University, Psychology Neuroscience and Behaviour)

Co-authors: Dan Bosnyak, Laurel Trainor

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Can infants’ brains generalize a primed meter acrossdifferent tempos?

Presenter: Virtues, Serrano (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Erica Flaten, Dr. Laurel Trainor

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Music acoustic features: Do machine predictions correspond to human judgments?

Presenter: Maya Flannery (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Matthew Woolhouse

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Musical mood induction and perception of  facial emotions in depressed elderly patients 

Presenter: Florian Gay (University of Bordeaux, France)

Co-authors: Mokhtaria Bentaleb, Sarah Vieira Da Silva, Bernard Laurent, Elodie Pongan, Isabelle Rouch, Barbara Tillmann, Jean-Michel Dorey, Yohana Levêque

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The ramp paradigm: A new protocol for uncovering individual differences in walking to an auditory beat

Presenter: Agnès Zagala (University of Montréal)

Co-authors: Nicholas E.V. Foster, Floris van Vugt, Simone Dalla Bella

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Decoding attention in polyphonic music listening

Presenter: Lucas Klein (McMaster University)

Co-authors: Aedan Rourke, Hany Tawfik, Dan Bosnyak, Laurel J. Trainor

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